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This website promotes the concept of individual sovereignty in a society totally without coercive political control. Such a society may well sound like a utopian fantasy, and for millennia, it was just that. Now, however, with the advent and emerging application of a new science, an advanced civilization of sovereign individuals is within humanity’s grasp.

A large part of the site content is based upon the work of an astrophysicist, Andrew J. Galambos, disclosed in a series of lectures he gave in the 1970s and 80s in Los Angeles, California. Galambos created a groundbreaking science of human interaction call Volitional Science. Its subject is human choice (volition), and it applies the scientific method, used with such phenomenal success in physics and biology, to achieve similar advances in the creation of a free society.

The Post-Political Planet video series available on this site gives a new voice to these ideas. Our goal in presenting the videos and other material on this site is to bring Volitional Science to public view, and ignite a wider interest in understanding and implementing it. Our goal is to promote the change of our present politically controlled culture ot one embracing and sustaining freedom.

If you are among those who realize that political regimes of every stripe across the globe are in fact civilization’s greatest enemies, but you’ve never been able to envision a solution that is not political in nature, let us show you how these ideas are that solution. These ideas are simple in concept, yet enormous in impact. They won’t change society overnight, but you can start to implement them in your own life as soon as you understand them. And that, of course, is how civilization has evolved, with each individual’s achievements building upon all that has gone before.



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